Experience Design Process @
Nomans Land Creative Inc.


  1. Research, investigate and audit existing content with heuristic evaluation, analytics, design system & branding.
  2. Conduct interviews with stakeholders to learn about users, business objectives, requirements, pain-points, strategy & KPIs.
  3. Work on data-driven personas, user journey maps & service blueprint.
  4. Work on IA, wireflows, refining customer-journeys as needed.


Co-ideation & Design

  1. Conduct co-ideation sessions with key stakeholders for alignment.
  2. Create mid-fidelity wireframes (responsive for viewports) from users input, best practices, data, key findings & requirements.
  3. Consult dev team and keep them in the loop for any technical constraints and validate with business stakeholders.
  4. Create high-fidelity VD prototype; get team feedback and validation.


Evaluate and Measure:

  1. Test Visual Design prototype with users – measuring findability, usability and task completion rates with user-testing (remote or in-person).
  2. Evaluate and revise prototype based on outcomes report.
  3. Reiterate the process above as needed (great UX is an on-going process; best to iterate based on data, research & testing).

Pivot to the design-dev handoff phase.


Clients and Employers

  • creativegroup
  • ROM
  • Global Affairs Canada
  • IDRF
  • George Brown College
  • sickkids
  • UTSC
  • cacuss
  • acworth-derm
  • OREG
  • barrettwalsh
  • wfp
  • Thompson books
  • image
  • UTSC
  • sickkids
  • ROM